Personalized sailing around Tobago
Personalized sailing around Tobago

Welcome to Catamaran PICANTE

Discover and explore the beauty and tranquility of Tobago with a personalized sailing trip on Catamaran PICANTE. This is a unique way to visit Tobago and will leave you with vacation memories to treasure forever.



Kindly note that Catamaran Picante is not available for the following period for annual maintenance:

                         1st September - 31st October 2018


Open Day Cruises presently available afterwards for 2018

7th& 24th  November 

3rd December 

28th December 


First Open Day in 2019 will be 4th January


Check us for availability on other dates for 2018 or 2019: Open and Private Cruises

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.


Best regards
Captain Markus Grundmann

PICANTE Catamaran - Yacht Pleasures Company Limited

Join us and sail the crystal clear waters around Tobago away from the stress of life!

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